Numbers in Turkish

Numbers in Turkish are fairly easy. All you have to do is break a number into its constituent parts and pronounce them individually. So, for example, 1,237,435,089 (1.237.435.089 in Turkish notation) becomes one billion two hundred thirty seven million four hundred thirty five thousand eighty nine. In Turkish, that would be bir milyar iki yüz otuz yedi milyon dört yüz otuz beş bin seksen dokuz.

An important exception to remember is that the one is dropped for 100 and 1000. That is, 105 is always yüz beş and not bir yüz beş.

The list below gives translations of numbers. Follow the links to hear each number pronounced. You can also listen to all those numbers being spoken in succession.

Zero: [ Zero ]Sıfır
One: [ One ]Bir
Two: [ Two ]İki
Three: [ Three ]Üç
Four: [ Four ]Dört
Five: [ Five ]Beş
Six: [ Six ]Altı
Seven: [ Seven ]Yedi
Eight: [ Eight ]Sekiz
Nine: [ Nine ]Dokuz
Ten: [ Ten ]On
Eleven: [ Eleven ]Onbir
Twelve: [ Twelve ]Oniki
Thirteen: [ Thirteen ]Onüç
Fourteen: [ Fourteen ]Ondört
Fifteen: [ Fifteen ]Onbeş
Sixteen: [ Sixteen ]Onaltı
Seventeen: [ Seventeen ]Onyedi
Eighteen: [ Eighteen ]Onsekiz
Nineteen: [ Nineteen ]Ondokuz
Twenty: [ Twenty ]Yirmi
Thirty: [ Thirty ]Otuz
Forty: [ Forty ]Kırk
Fifty: [ Fifty ]Elli
Sixty: [ Sixty ]Altmış
Seventy: [ Seventy ]Yetmiş
Eighty: [ Eighty ]Seksen
Ninety: [ Ninety ]Doksan
Hundred: [ Hundred ]Yüz
Five hundred: [ Five hundred ]Beş yüz
One thousand: [ One thousand ]Bin
Ten thousand: [ Ten thousand ]On bin
Hundred thousand: [ Hundred thousand ]Yüz bin
One Million: [ One Million ]Bir Milyon
One Billion: [ One Billion ]Bir Milyar
One Trillion: [ One Trillion ]Bir Trilyon
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